Lolo Production

Lolo is a language of Mozambique, spoken by around 175 000 people, and understood by a further 150 000. This language group mainly resides in the districts of Derre, Morrumbala, the Posto of Chire and Localidades Mwandiwa and Mpinya. Also in the districts of Mocuba, Localidade Benfica, and the district of Milange, Localidade Liciro.

Maale Production

Maale is a growing Omotic language spoken by more than 41 000 000 people in Ethiopia. This language originated in, and is mainly spoken in the Omo region of Ethiopia. With a literacy rate of less than 48%, this community relies heavily on oral communication and methods of learning.

Mongolian Production

The Mongolian nation is known to most of us for conquering large parts of Asia and the Middle East under the leadership of Ganges Khan. They also have a proud history of overcoming all sorts of adversity such as severe cold in winter, harsh living conditions in the country side and economic and social-political challenges.

Ngoni Production

Ngoni is spoken by approximately 1 187 000 people of several different people groups. 789 000 Ngoni speakers live in Zambia and 74 000 in northern Mozambique. The Ngoni Magwangara, a very close relative of Ngoni in the Nguni language family, is spoken by 374 000 people in the southern parts of Tanzania. It is this language group in particular that we are reaching out to by producing in audio format, the recently completed translation of the Ngoni New Testament.

Soli Production

Soli is spoken by approximately 58,000 people in Zambia. Of this number, 55% is considered to be Christian, with around 18% having been evangelized. The other 37% mostly profess to be Catholic.

Southern Ndebele Production

Southern Ndebele is one of eleven official languages of South Africa and is spoken by 1 090 223 people as their first language. Although the Ndebele people group historically originated from the Limpopo Province, they migrated to most parts of South Africa in search of work. The largest Southern Ndebele community resides in Mpumalanga at 403 678 speakers, followed by 380 494 speakers in Gauteng.

Two Russian Language Productions

Of an estimated 13 million Russian men, women, and children speaking these two selected Russian languages, less than 0.01% know Jesus. Will you help us record the Bible in audio so that the persecuted church in Russia will be able to hear God’s Word in their language?